Our Focus

Our Focus Groups

Our focus tends to be in the sectors we find to be booming and showing possibilities of tremendous growth. The focus groups we cater carefully are:

Information Technology & Telecommunications

This industry has been a key as the trend in all sectors of the world are showing growth in using digital platforms. New roles are opening by thousands, and more skillful jobs are required much more nowadays. We have a careful focus on this industry to give you better chances of getting the best jobs you find.

With a strong network across the country, job seekers and employers will be getting tremendous benefits from our recommendations and services. We keep track of all the jobs getting vacant, and the businesses that are being opened. We look for the hirers and connect our candidates. Thus we rarely fail to bring happy smiles to the face of the customers!

Our Track Record

  • Java Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Python Software Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • C# Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Ruby Software Engineer
  • Project Manager – SAP
  • Business Analys

Engineering & Manufacturing  

We cannot think of a single business not seeking help from Engineering and Manufacturing sectors, thus making it an integral part of every business, and also, a strong sector with job opportunities. Also, the sector is volatile to fast changes and rapidly diversifying to meet the needs of the current world. These jobs are challenging, and so are thousands of people preparing themselves for jobs like this.
Fantastic potential for getting jobs awaits in this sector, and so we focus on a. finding the best people perfect for these jobs and helping them reach out and connect to the opportunities. Facilitating the better usage of human potential has never failed to make us happy!

Our Track Record

  • Plant Director – Specialties Chemicals
  • Department Head – Engineering
  • Department Head – Production
  • Department Head – Mechanical and Electrical
  • Department Head – Utility
  • Manager – Lab

Finance & Accounting 

Finance and accounting are the must have sectors to operate any business efficiently. Whichever industry you name, finance and accounting is the part and parcel. Investing, risk managing, portfolio managing and the formulation of business strategies require experts from these sectors. Whether you are a hirer for a tech company or a leader of a reputed company looking for some eligible employee, we have got you covered. Our expertise in recruitment is unmatched due to our experience and work ethics. Be sure to find the best employees bringing out the best values if you keep your trust in us.

Our Track Record

  • CFO – Leading Fortune 500 Company
  • Regional Finance Director – Leading Chemical Manufacturer Listed SET and Fortune 500
  • Financial Controller – Leading Sport Industry
  • Tax Director – Leading FMCG Manufacturer
    Business Analyst – Leading Mining Company

Human Resources  

In today’s transitional economy where employees are the greatest asset of any organisation, the role of the Human Resource function is imperative to develop organisational manpower strategies. Such practices greatly influence the continued operations and success of the company. Being deeply-rooted in the industry, we understand the functional role of HR leaders and align the search for such individuals to complement our clients’ business needs.

Our Track Record

  • VP – Human Resource – World Largest Specialties Chemical manufacturer
  • Human Resource Director – World Leading Software House
  • Human Resource Director – Well renown Hotel in Country
  • Regional Human Resource Manager – World Leading Lubricant.