About Us

Leaders In Talent Acquisition

Who are we? 

We are a recruitment firm based in Bangkok, Thailand, with the unanimous reputation of taking care of our clients, both as job seekers and hirers. As opposed to what our competitors do, we try to understand each of our client’s expectations out of us. We give time to nurture a good relationship with you, because our focus is to deliver value that will be unquestionable, not to just do random business.
Our team of experts has a vast skill set in managing recruitments, sorting out employees, finding the job vacancies and most importantly, selecting and recruiting the applicants to their desired and applicable job roles.

Our specialized consultants 

Our specialized consultants have individual experience for at least fifteen years in this vast area. They will know you, they will prioritize you like anyone else, and will be able to find you the best opportunities for you anytime! That’s what separates us from many others!
We focus on roles that are lasting and meaningful when we consider helping with jobs. Permanent jobs and contract roles are our specializations, which mean we are determined to provide you the best jobs we find in the market.
Giving the best value to our valuable clients has been the topmost priority since our inception. If you are a hirer who wants to recruit the most suitable people for your company, we will provide you with our skillful candidates who are more than capable of handling the responsibilities. And, if you are a candidate and have built yourself to be the assets of the corporate world, we will be making sure that you achieve your dreams by getting the job you deserve.

For Employers

For employers, you can be confident that we can identify and approach candidates who have specific skills to match the exact requirements of each position

For Candidates

We will take the time out to fully understand your career situation and your motivations, so we can suggest find opportunities that are genuinely a better fit for you than your current job

Our Service 


Our services, in short, consist of arranging different recruitments based on what our clients want. We welcome them, assess their qualifications and desires, and then find suitable job vacancies to ensure they have a go at it. The types of our services include:

Permanent Recruitment

Whether you are looking for a full time or part-time job for as long as you can, we are here to cover your needs! Our experts have relationships and connections with hundreds of companies, spanning from multinationals to startups, and get regular updates on job vacancies or openings. As per the experience and skill of our experts, they will help you in getting the permanent recruitment that you desire.

Retained Search

Are you a highly qualified and experienced professional looking for getting selected to the top positions where you know you belong? Think not, our retained search facilities are amazing to inform you and connect you with the biggest jobs you deserve!

Contract Recruitment

Are you looking for a limited time contractual job or offering any service and looking for clients? We are here to help you in getting the contract recruitment you need and will be providing freelancers with proper access to gaining the freelance platform.

Our Recruitment Process

We go through a number of crucial processes for recruiting. Our recruitment processes are detailed and flawless from starting to ending. The goodwill value of our agency bears the testimony of what we did before and what we will do next!
Let’s take a look at how we do it:

Meet with Our Consultant

You will be welcomed by one of our excellent consultants. After a discussion with consultants, we will send you the Term of Business (TOB) to review and sign for agreement. We would be discussing everything clearly so that neither of us will have any confusion regarding anything. As soon as it gets done, we will start the recruitment process.

Gather Requirements

Our recruitment experts meet CEO and/or relevant hiring managers to gather the requirements/ Job Descriptions (JDs) in order that we can find the best and good-fit talents in a short time. We always try to find the candidates that match the best with the job descriptions we get from you.

Mapping – Industry Mapping and Talent Mapping

After our experts has discussed with the employer for the requirement, the team will proceed to the Mapping Process. This process has two category Industry Mapping and Talent Mapping.
Industry Mapping is the process where our consultants list the companies in the market which is similar or the competitor with our clients.
Talent Mapping is the process where our consultants will process for the head hunt from the Industry mapping list to get the right and the ready made candidate for the position our clients looking to do the hiring.

Database and Networking

After successfully doing industry mapping and talent mapping, we select the best candidates according to the job specifications and roles from the database of thousands of candidates which we have.
For candidates, we make sure that they are getting the chance of perfect utilization of their capabilities with a job they are worthy and satisfied of. With our vast experience we build up a strong network in the market which we get many recommendations from the candidate and client itself.

Pre-Screen Candidate

We utilize pre-screen interviews: Phone and Face to Face interviews, to ensure that every candidate is a potential match for you. Furthermore, we can conduct Psychometric test if needed.

Submit potential profiles

Potential candidate’s CV will be directly sent to you continuously to let you review and pick up interesting ones for further interview.

Coordinate Interview Process

We coordinate between you and candidate throughout the whole process. On top of that, we trial close the selected candidate in terms of salary negotiation and so on.

Reference & Criminal Record Checks

We conduct the employment reference and criminal record checks to get independent insight about candidate’s previous job performance and verify the information provided by the candidate.

Package Negotiation to Job Offer

We get the candidates ready for any counter-offer and provide resignation advisory for your smooth onboarding process.

Placement & Onboarding Processes

Only successful placements are counted, and the invoice will be sent to your company within the given time on TOBs.